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  • Conference Services
    Conference Services
    We have many years of experience in providing whole chain conference services Our team members have more than ten years of experience We guarantee to provide you with more professional services We have more than 500 media resources across the country We have strategic partnerships with suppliers of venues, personnel’s and performance resources, such as Great hall of People, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and so on.
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  • Exhibition Display
    Exhibition Display
    CCESE provides its clinets with the whole chain services in exhibition field to maximize the activitiy effects, such as venue selection, advertising planning, production and promotion, Booth design and construction, Equipment leasing, installation and Transportation Commission, Translators provision, Transportion arrangement ect..
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  • Equipment Rental
    Equipment Rental
    CCESE has professional audio and video equipment, experienced directors and planners, technical personnels and a number of high-quality industry resources, which can provide the clients the most high-end experience.
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Beijing Chenhui Conference & Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. (CCESC) is a specialized company who supplies the clients with perfect whole chain services such as activity planning, media publicity, stage design, printing production, audio and video equipment rental, installation and maintenance, tourist traffic, etc. in the fields of conference, exhibition, performance and so on. In the course of years of development, CCESC has successfully undertaken thousands of activities in China’s mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao, which include the famous G20 Summit, BRICS Summit, APEC etc.. Adhereing to the belief of “ Preciseness, Innovation, Profession and Clients First”, CCESC has established long term partnerships with Government departments, foreign institutions in China, transnational groups, associations, non-governmental organizations and so on. CCESE will dedicate to provide its clients with more satisfactory service and will keep continuous innovation and efforts!
  • 7th Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture
  • Successful G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting
  • The Third Interregional Meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO